Order Your Embroidery Machine Auto Appliqué Easily in Four Steps


1. Size of the Applique

Length (cm) Height (cm) = 0 cm2

The minimum area of the applique (length x height) is 1 cm2
1. Rule: When is patch too difficult, patch must be larger.
2. Rule: We recommend, text on the Patch least 5 mm large to be.

2. The ordered quantity

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Video tutorials creating patches

3. Scope of applique covering

Try to estimate how many per cent of the total applique area will be covered by the embroidered motif. Provided you are not sure click on the picture of the concrete size of covering you will see samples of applique with the given size of the applique covering. Or you can contact us by means of live chat, which is available in the right corner of the website.

Very simple
up to 20 %
Only very few per cent of the designated applique area will be embroidered. The motif is very simple as well. suitable for: Very simple logos
30-50 %
The majority of the applique is formed by the test, or there can be text with a simple motif. suitable for: Appliques with texts and simple logos
60-75 %
At first sight the applique is more embroidered than unembroidered. suitable for: The majority of classic applique logos and motifs
Fully embroidered
80-100 %
The applique on which predominantly the filling-in of the motif area is embroidered. suitable for: Signs, more complicated logos or wide inscriptions making use of extended types of letters and small gaps between them
95-150 %
It is a fully embroidered area which also contains contours and further overlapping of the embroidery. suitable for: The coats of arms of towns, national coats of arms or state emblems or photo motifs


Price for a Piece:
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Total Price:
0,00 € (0,00 € incl. VAT)


Delivery Term:


Make use of a discount for quantity purchases: The more pieces you order, the lower will be the price for one piece.