How to Purchase Embroidery Appliqués?

The appliqué   automatic machine is the simplest online service for manufacturing embroidered appliqués.  Making your orders is quick and transparent.

How shall I/we go about ordering the goods/services?

1. The ordered goods are manufactured quickly and easily

  • Specification
  • Calculation of the Price (more pieces = a lower price)
  • Insertion of a Picture
  • Ordering
  • Delivery

2. Precise Managing of your Production

  • Specification
  • Price Calculation (the more pieces =  the lower price)
  • Inserting a Picture
  • Specification of the Design
  • Ordering
  • Sending Corrections
  • Approval of Embroidery Manufacture
  • Delivery

The following text will instruct you in a greater detail::

1. Fill in basic parameters of the Appliqué according to the Guide. You will immediately see the price and the term of delivery. Just to make it more transparent:  1day means 1 working day

2.  As soon as basic parameters agree, go further and specify the appearance. It is substantial to insert the picture you want to embroider; as to all other details/nuances of the appliqué, you can leave everything to our experience. It is also possible to describe the implementation of the Appliqué. You can also obtain the pre-view: i.e. the graphic design of the embroidered piece or the really embroidered piece.

3.  If you are satisfied with the appearance of the Appliqué, put it in the shopping basket.  Now you can either place an order for a new appliqué and put a new embroidered appliqué into production or go over to the basket, where you can finish your order.

4. You can purchase the goods in our company without registration.  Provided that you wish to make use of our automatic machine more often, by registering your name when entering invoice and delivery data,  you will save your time.

5. You can either collect the manufactured appliqués in person (in Ústí nad Labem), or the consignment can be sent to you, to any place in the Czech Republic or Europe, by means of our hauling (transportation) service.

The Czech Post (the consignment is sent “to the Post Office”) CZK 80.00 (without the VAT)
The Czech Post (the consignment is sent “To Your Hands”)       CZK 85.00(without the VAT)
PPL Transportation Service (it covers the whole Czech Republic)   CZK 95.00 (without the VAT)

Provided that you order the goods for more than CZK 5,000.00, the transport/delivery of the goods is FREE OF CHARGE.

With the order exceeding the given financial volume the company provides transportation of the goods FREE OF CHARGE.

6. Whenever you decide to take the goods over in person, it is possible to pay cash for the goods as follows:  you can make use of the “Cash on Delivery Service” when the goods are delivered to your address; or the goods can be paid by a bank transfer to our account. The payment by making use of the transfer to our bank account is the most advantageous since you will save a fee that must be paid with C.O.D. (cash on delivery)

We believe that the ordering of the embroidered appliqués will be very simple for you although you have not got any experience with this form of purchasing goods. With the majority of items you are offered a prompt (a little blue square with a question mark) which   may appropriately explain all necessary details.

Thank you for your favour.  We are ready to take a good care of you.

Yours   PAMS Team :-)